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Adopt-A-Cop Prayer Partner Family

Everyone knows that the workday of the police officer is filled with stresses and dangers unlike any other occupation. A bullet proof vest may offer some protection, but a greater benefit can be the protection that prayer can offer.

Knowing that some officers already use the power of prayer on the job, DuPage Ministries would like to assist all interested officers with a silent partner on their shift. Sunday school classes, Bible study groups and other church groups are willing to aid officers with regular prayer for the safety and protection of the officer on the job.

Enrollment for an officer to be adopted by a prayer partner is a simple process. Simply contacting DuPage Ministries with an officer’s name and their headquarter address is all that is necessary. Within a few weeks the officer will receive a postcard notifying them about their spiritual adoption. There’s no other application or information needed. Confidentiality is considered to be of the greatest importance.

If you’re interested in having your department or yourself join in this prayer experience, please contact Chaplain Ron Yurcus at DuPage Ministries. You can email Chaplain Ron, use regular mail or call us at 630-858-5499. Materials will be provided for all officers in your department with more detailed information.

Churches, bible study groups, religious education classes and other interested parties are also invited to join DuPage Ministries as prayer partners. Support material will be provided to all who desire to serve the police in this ministry.

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