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DuPage Ministries was incorporated as a nonprofit organization by the State of Illinois on August 19, 1999 and has been recognized as a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Funding has been provided through private individuals and other grants on behalf of various church organizations.

Formed as a charitable organization, the primary aim is to assist law enforcement agencies, fire departments and even members of the corporate world when requested. DuPage Ministries does not render any professional counseling services, but provides spiritual comfort and assists people with referrals if needed.

The board of directors consists of members from various Christian denominations but emphasizes that their services are for people of all religions. Although the name suggests serving only DuPage County, it is more of a designation where the ministry is located. When called upon, DuPage Ministries will serve outside the county.

Chaplain Ron Yurcus is the founding director and has a history of serving in many ecumenical ways. Ordained in 1989 as a permanent deacon for the Catholic Church, Chaplain Ron is currently assigned to St. Petronille Church in Glen Ellyn. Prior to ordination, Chaplain Ron served with ecumenical groups doing prison work at Stateville and most recently at the DuPage County Jail.

As a police chaplain, he has been serving District 15 with the Illinois State Police. Working with police chaplains from other DuPage communities, he is working to help form a DuPage County Police Chaplains Association. Joining resources together will provide an arena for continuing education for the chaplains and opportunities so they can better assist their own departments.

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